Biotech solutions for agricultural waste valorization incorporated to farm management

This project offers a new perspective regarding agriculture wastes treatment and recycling. The novelty of the project is to create a highly efficient bacterial preparation based on a consortium of microorganisms, and the use of modified methods of synthetic biology with a view to giving them the unique destructive properties to bioconversion of horticultural wastes in an environmentally safe bio-fertilizer for agriculture. By the end of the project, we will be delivering a marketable and customized “kit” containing a mixture of microorganisms releasing nutrients to be applied in agriculture wastes.


Biotechnologycal Harzadaous Plastic Waste recovery

 This project will develop a strategy for the identification, isolation and characterization of the destructive properties of different strains of microorganism regarding pollutants (pesticides and heavy metals). These strains will be included in a new methodological approach of bioplastic generation, cleaning harzadous plastic wastes from pesticides containers and recovering this polymers with organic polysaccharides addition in a biodegradable polymer mass with multiple uses. The project will also develop two final demonstrators with this new raw material and will assess the economic feasibility and implementation phase.


New extremophile antagonistic microorganisms as biological control agents in post-harvest and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables.

 This project aims to develop a system biopreservative treatment for fruits and vegetables in their post-harvest phase and for minimally fresh-processed products, using extremophile microorganisms isolated in the first phase of the project, or their inhibitory metabolites as biocontrol agents  against pathogenic and spoilage flora of foods. The biopreservative strategy is based on the ability of certain microorganisms antagonist, which in turn are beneficial to the body, for its probiotic character.


Isolation of new extremophile bacteria with plant-growth promoting and antagonist activity to be used as biofertilisers and biological control agents

 This project aims to develop a biofertilizer and/or a biopesticide based on the use of extremophilic bacteria whose isolation and characterization will be key in achieving the objectives. This project not only will advance production technology and use of bacteria for agricultural use, but will be the first time takes market a product based on extremophilic bacteria with the possibility of extending the scope of this type of products, opening an important line of work both in the production of microorganisms such as for use in agriculture. This will allow further progress in improving sustainability and profitability of agriculture as the only way to stay competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.


Production of adhesive material from the food industry wastes by microbiological synthesis

The aim of this project is the production of adhesives based on environmentally friendly biological components containing biopolymers such as polysaccharides and protein compounds and also the eco-friendly production of thereof.