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Please note: The details on this page is planned for exchange students only. Please see the Enrolment Services website (for undergraduate admissions) or the School of Graduate Studies site if you are using to U of T as a degree-seeking student.

Unfortunately not. The fulfillment of the English language requirement is one of the aspects needed for us to release you a visa file. If your TOEFL/IELTS score does not meet the requirement, we can not release the document, and you will certainly not be able to get in the nation. So it is vital that you retake the test right away. Yes, you do. Because you do not fall under one of the categories of individuals who would be exempt from taking the TOEFL/IELTS, you need to supply a TOEFL/IELTS score.

Students need to register to take the Academic Test variation of IELTS. Confessed students who score listed below an 8.0 on the speaking subsection of the IELTS will certainly be required to take an English placement test at Princeton. Students who do not pass the test will be required to enroll in English Language Program classes. Gumberg Library provides research guides for TOEFL and IELTS tests. Due to their appeal, they might all be taken a look at. In this case, the general public library offers numerous study guides.

The TOEFL is about 4.5 hours long with a 10- minute break. It covers a detailed range of English skills because time, so it is as practical for test takers as it potentially can be, given exactly what it is evaluating. Previous versions of TOEFL needed 2 test centre visits. Unlike TOEFL, all parts of the test are refrained in one sitting. Reading/Listening tests are carried out in one sitting, and Writing/Speaking are done in another sitting. The Reading part of the test might be challenging for some and my guess is not everyone completes the 100 concerns. The test taker is asked to do a lot in an hour. The timing of the listening and reading tests are clearly shown (45 minutes for listening, 75 for reading).

The speaking module may be hung on the very same or different day from the remainder of the test. It is carried out by an experienced, live examiner and includes 3 Parts. Part 1 is a short introductory conversation followed by some short concerns about familiar subjects (eg: the recruiter may ask about your hometown, your job, your preferred food, your hobbies, etc). In Part 2, you will certainly be offered a card with a subject and a specific question to answer. You will have to promote 1-2 minutes on this subject.

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